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ATS.NET has two modules that provide different types of tracking capabilities. These modules can be deployed individually or together depending upon your organization's specific needs.

Inventory Module - Utilizes handheld RFID readers to automate asset inventorying
Monitoring Module - Real-time asset monitoring/tracking using fixed RFID readers

ATS.NET Inventory Module

The ATS.NET Inventory Module uses a mobile handheld RFID reader to automate the physical inventory of fixed assets on a periodic basis. It is designed to significantly reduce the amount of time spent inventorying and auditing assets, streamline processes, improve accuracy, and automate the reconciliation process.

RFID provides a significant performance improvement compared to manual processes by eliminating human error and drastically reducing man-power. Unlike manual and barcode asset tracking processes that require you to physically locate and visually read or scan each individual asset tag one at a time, RFID tags do not have this limitation. RFID does not require a line-of-sight in most cases, provides longer read ranges, has the ability to read multiple tags simultaneously, and eliminates inaccuracies. The Inventory Module typically utilizes Passive RFID readers and tags, but in some instances might require Active RFID readers and tags to meet specific customer needs.

RFID Benefits
  •      Reads multiple tags simultaneously
  •      Does not require line of sight (excluding metal/liquid)
  •      Read ranges up to 20' (Gen2 Passive UHF on a mobile handheld reader) *
  •      Improves asset inventory accuracy
  •      More efficient than manual or barcode processes (75-95% more efficient in most cases)
  •      Real-time inventory reconcilliation (Found, missing, extra assets)
  •      Efficiencies enable more frequent inventories resulting in better asset visibility

* Read ranges on fixed readers will be significantly more because the antennas will be larger than those available on mobile handheld RFID readers.

ATS.NET Monitoring Module

Real-time Tracking
The ATS.NET Monitoring Module uses fixed RFID readers to provide real-time asset tracking visibility and security capabilities. Fixed readers can be deployed at entries/exits, doorways, hallways, rooms, etc. to create read zones that enable the movement of assets and/or personnel to be tracked automatically without human interaction. The Monitoring Module can integrate with both Passive and Active fixed RFID readers depending upon customer needs. In addition to providing real-time asset tracking information, several security features can also be enabled for specific assets.

Choke-Point Security
Assets can be configured to trigger alarm events at choke-points (entries/exits/doorways) to prevent those assets from being able to leave a building. These assets can optionally be associated with personnel that are authorized to move the assets past choke-points. This requires those assigned personnel to carry RFID badges. This option will only cause the RFTrack.NET alarm event to trigger if these assets are seen without an authorized personnel. For example, assets such as laptops can be monitored when leaving a facility and can trigger an alarm event if an authorized personnel is not accompanying the laptop.

Zone Monitoring Security
Assets can be assigned to one or more zones and monitored to ensure they do not move from those assigned zones. When assets are moved or disappear from their assigned zones, alarm events can be triggered. Depending upon the type of RFID tag being used, assets can also be monitored for tamper detection and motion detection for tighter security.

Restricted Area Tracking
Personnel tags can be configured to trigger alarm events in specific zones that are designated as restricted areas. This is not only useful for preventing unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas, but can also be used to track the movement of visitors that are only allowed in certain areas of your facility.

Monitoring Features
  •      Real-time asset tracking
  •      Asset security (monitoring)
  •      Active and Passive fixed RFID readers
  •      Zone Monitoring
  •      Choke point (entrance/exit) monitoring
  •      Laptop and other mobile asset tracking
  •      Asset tag tamper detection
  •      Motion detection alarm
  •      Long range tracking
  •      Authorized personnel can bypass alarm events
  •      Alarm Events can be customized to
  •      Send emails
  •      Send pages
  •      Send text messages
  •      Integrate with security systems
ATS.NET Modules
ATS.NET  Overview

The ATS.NET RFID asset tracking platform helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate physical asset inventories, track the movement of assets, and monitor assets in real-time for security and safekeeping. A variety of technologies including Active RFID, Passive RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported which can be implemented individually or together to meet specific customer needs. The platform interfaces with both fixed and mobile readers from leading RFID vendors. Although RFID asset management and RFID asset tracking are relatively new concepts, RFID is a proven technology that has been around for decades.

ATS.NET is a web-based application that is designed to easily integrate with and complement your existing Asset Management software, Fixed Asset Accounting software, and other back-end systems or operate as a stand-alone system. It can be purchased as an On-Premise license or as an On-Demand (hosted) subscription.
RFID Asset Tracking Info